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What Services Does Granite Industrial Gases Provide ?

G.I.G. Is a multifunctional welding supply company that provides many goods and services.

G.I.G. provides the following products:

1. All Existing Types of Gases:

 Industrial, Commercial, Medical and Specialty Gases.

2. Welding Supplies:

 Welding Helmets, Stick Rod, Welding Wire (solid and flux cored), Welding Machines (Miller, Hobart, etc.  Cables and Fittings (various sizes and lengths), MIG and TIG Machines, Replacement Parts and also Equipment Repair Services. Plasma Arc Cutting Equipment. Oxy-Acetylene Cutting, Brazing and Welding Equipment. (Victor, Purox, etc. Torch Repairs, Oxy-Acetylene Regulators, Fuel Gas Regulators, Cutting, Welding and Brazing Tips and even Tip Cleaners. Twin Fitted Oxy-Acetylene Hose and many more related products.

3. Grinding Equipment:

Grinding Wheels, Abrasive Discs, Wire Brushes. Chipping Hammers.

4. Safety Equipment: 

Gloves, Goggles, Safety Glasses, High Visibility Safety Vests and Wearing Apparel, Hard Hats. Hearing Protection, Filtration Masks and many more Safety related products.


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Granite Industrial Gases

Granite Industrial Gases, Inc. 49 North High St Derry, NH 03038 US

(800) 680-9232